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As an HVAC Company, Temp Pro Mechanical, Incorporated, aims to educate its clients on the importance of maintaining their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Units. Remember, a well-maintained unit is a healthy one. Every spring and fall you should be calling up your trusted HVAC Company to perform a good cleaning and inspection. In this month’s blog post we’ll be giving you an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Check List that’ll help you keep your AC unit in check and up to par.


  • Quality Air Filters.

    If you have not done so already, buy a better filter. The new high-efficiency pleated filters have an electrostatic charge that works like a magnet to grab the tiniest of particles—even those that carry those super nasty bacteria.

  • Air Filter Replacements.

    Make sure to replace your filter every 90 days. However, you want to make sure that you’re checking it monthly. If the color of your filter has changed from like to dark, that’s a big sign that it’s time to change your air filter. Also, if you have pets make sure you change your filter every month.

  • Clear Around the Unit.

    Keep the area around your outdoor air conditioning and heat pumps clean and clear. Dirt, leaves, weeds, etc. tend to surround your outside air conditioning unit and that’s not good. We don’t want your air conditioning unit clogged with all of that stuff. Make sure you have at least a 2 feet clearance around the unit.

  • Debris Cleanup.

    You should be removing any debris such as leaves, pollens, and twigs, from the top and sides of your outdoor air conditioning unit and heat pumps. Don’t allow the lawn mower to discharge grass clippings on the unit. Let’s keep it as clean as possible.

  • Inspect Insulation.

    Every month you should inspect your insulation on refrigerant lines leading into the house. Replace if you’re missing some or it appears to have had some damage to it.

  • Level Ground.

    Every year, you should make sure that your outdoor air conditioning units and heat pumps are on firm and level ground or pads.

  • Mold Prevention.

    Once a year, pour a cup of bleach mixed with water down the air-conditioner condensate drain to prevent a buildup of mold and algae, which can cause a nasty clog. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, we cannot stress enough that you need to call your trusted HVAC Company to assist you in keeping your AC clean.

  • Season Water Supply Turn Off.

    During the summer months, shut off the water supply to the furnace humidifier. When fall comes around, replace the humidifier wick filter, and set the humidistat to between 35% and 40% relative to humidity, and turn on the water supply.

  • Reduce Strain on HVAC System.

    Never close more than 20% of a home’s registers to avoid placing unnecessary strain on the HVAC system.

  • Replace Batteries.

    Last, but not least, make sure you replace the battery in your home’s carbon monoxide detector.

If you want a printed version of our checklist, please CLICK HERE to view the PDF. Also, if you would like to know more about our Temp Pro Advantage, simply CLICK THIS LINK to read through our information packet.

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