A/C Coil Cleaning Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

a/c coil cleaningSave Energy with A/C Coil Cleaning

A/C Coil Cleaning is not just important for your health and safety, but it can also help to decrease energy use, ultimately saving you some money on your utility bills. Throughout the year, dust and mold can get into your A/C coils and have your A/C unit working harder than needed. It is important to get your A/C coils inspected and cleaned 1-2 times a year to keep the unit running smoothly while providing clean air for your space.

Preventing Dirt Build Up in Coils

There are a few simple things that you can do to keep the A/C coils clean throughout the year. Check the air filters once a month and put in new ones if needed. Make sure you keep the area around the condenser coils clean as well. Try to keep it as tidy as possible to prevent leaves, spider webs, and debris from building up. You can also shut off the unit and the spray coils down with a hose.

Professional A/C Coil Cleaning

Professional a/c coil cleaning is necessary because there are certain parts of the coil that should be handled with care. A/C repair technicians know how to handle these delicate pieces. They can also reach areas in the A/C coil that you probably won’t be able to reach. When Temp Pro inspects your units, they will also check other ares of the A/C that can increase energy usage.

Temp Pro’s A/C Repair in Grand Prairie, TX

We are your heating and air conditioning company in Grand Prairie, Texas! The safety of our customers is our #1 priority and we are state certified and undergo extensive continuation training for the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. We have been serving the Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas areas since 2011 and have done thousands of installations and service repairs. We are trained to work with all A/C unit brands and will give you a superior professional level of service. If you are ready to get your A/C coil cleaned today and save some energy, contact us today for a free HVAC service estimate!


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