How Not To Cool Your Home: Part 2 (Conclusion)

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How Not To Cool Your Home: Part 2 (Conclusion)

Last month, we published a blog by the title “How Not To Cool Your Home: Part 1”. We talked about certain mythologies that center around the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) world. As your number one HVAC provider we wanted to debunk these myths, so you can save yourself a lot of hassle. Today we’re going to continue debunking these little fables that we tend to pass along to one another.

Little-Known Myths:

Fiberglass Insulation

Let us start off our blog post with a little-known myth. There are many individuals out there that believe that Fiberglass insulation alone could keep cold air out of their homes. Here’s the thing, Fiberglass actually does a greater job at trapping heat in than keeping cold out. If you have air leaks, drafts, or any cracks in your home the cold air will enter in no matter how much insulation you have installed. Air sealing is the most important thing you can do to plug these crevices up to keep the chill from creeping in.  Please contact your trusted HVAC technician to help you with sealing, because as much as we all love duct tape, it won’t solve your insulation issues. Which leads us into our next myth…

Duct tape

Duct tape is good for many things, but sealing ducts is not one of them. Despite the name, it actually does a pretty crappy job at sealing ducts. The adhesive on the duct tape doesn’t jive well with dirty or dusty conditions, and we all know that air ducts are pretty filthy. Not only does the adhesive not stick to the duct area, it also wears off with time. The tape alone tends to fall off as it ages and the adhesive dries out.  If you’re looking to sealing your duct, Mastic tape sticks, seals and insulates much better, but if you find yourself lost don’t worry because Temp Pro Mechanical, Inc is just a phone call away.

Vents & Registers

Now when it comes to sealing, there’s a common myth about closing off vents and registers.  A lot of people believe that by doing so you will reduce your heating bill. This myth is exactly that—a myth. Blocking the vent will impact how the system will take in and put out air; it can throw your system completely out of balance causing it to have to work even harder, which will only be causing your system to break down.

Contact an HVAC Company near Grand Prairie, TX

There are many other myths out there, but please…once again, don’t’ waste your time resorting to old myths. If you need help cooling your home down during the hotter months of the year, do yourself and your home a favor and get in contact with a professional and trusted HVAC company. We can’t stress enough that your air conditioner needs maintenance, and in all actuality, you’ll be saving a lot by setting up those maintenance routines.

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