How Not To Cool Your Home: Part 1

How not to cool your homeHow Not To Cool Your Home: Part 1

Spring is here and before you know it summer will arrive with its fiery sun, warming us all up to the point of exhaustion.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths that many homeowners and renters fall prey to about their air conditioning units during the hotter months of the year. Most of these so-called “myths” appear to make sense, but in reality, these little fables can actually cost you quite a bit in the long run, and yeah we’re not just talking about your energy bill.

Often Misunderstood Ways to Cool Down Your Home


For instance, the whole “Leave your fan on before you leave the house to make the room cooler” bit makes no real sense. A lot of homeowners don’t know that fans only cool down people, not the actual room. We understand why people would fall for a myth like that, because once you feel the nice cold breeze from the fan you automatically begin to think that the room is cooler, but it actually isn’t, it’s just you. Therefore, it’s only best to turn the fan on when you’re feeling really hot or when you have company over during those scorching months. If you’re leaving your fan on in an unoccupied room you’re just wasting energy, and let’s face it…that’s so not cool.

Unit Size

Another common tall tale is, “If you get a larger A/C unit it’ll make your home cooler.” Well, let us tell you that this bit of advice is extremely misleading. Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better for you and your home. Air conditioning units need to meet proper engineering requirements to produce the appropriate amount of cooling, heating, and efficiency. Sometimes insufficient cooling is due to an assortment of issues; Duct leaks, low Freon levels, dirty coils, poor installation, etc.  If your home is hotter than usual all you have to do is call up your trusted technician to come out and perform a routine checkup.

Low-Temperature Setting

Let’s not forget the classic misconception “Setting your unit’s thermostat considerably below the temperature you want to achieve will cool your house faster.” Here’s the thing about air conditioners, they’re going to deliver cool air at the same rate no matter how low you go on the thermostat. Just because you turn your thermostat to 50 degrees when you really want it to be 70 degrees doesn’t mean your room is going to get cooler any faster.

Contact an HVAC Company for your a/c installation, repairs, or maintenance.

Don’t’ waste your time resorting to old myths. If you need help cooling your home down during the hotter months of the year, do yourself and your home a favor and get in contact with a professional and trusted HVAC company. We can’t stress enough that your air conditioner needs maintenance, and in all actuality, you’ll be saving a lot by setting up those maintenance routines.

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