How an A/C Service Can Prevent Mold

Request an A/C service to prevent mold growth

During those hot and humid Texas summer months, the first thing on your mind when getting into your home or business is getting the room to a comfortable temperature. You may turn on your air conditioner and walk away without a thought of the mold that could be growing inside. It is recommended that you get an A/C service at least once a year to prevent mold growth.

Dangers of Mold Growth in Texas

Mold build up can cause respiratory issues that can lead to greater medical conditions. Some of the common health problems people experience from inhaling air contaminated with mold are asthma, rhinorrhea, and coughing.

Annual A/C Service & Unit Inspections by an HVAC Company

When your HVAC professionals stop in for your annual A/C service and inspection, they will make sure that there isn’t any mold in your drip pan and drain lines. Our staff at Temp Pro Mechanical have serviced many homes and businesses and know exactly how to handle mold that is present in your unit. During our annual inspection, we take the following steps to ensure that mold in your A/C unit is 100% eliminated.

  • If we find mold present in the drip pan, we take a deeper look into the evaporator coil and use solvents to disinfect and clean the affected areas. We will also inspect the drain lines and use chlorine disinfectant if there is mold.
  • The technician will place biocide tablets that will help to continuously get rid of any mold.
  • Our staff will make sure all equipment is correctly in place to ensure proper flow that will help prevent mold from building up.

HVAC company in Grand Prairie, Texas

Temp-Pro Mechanical has made it our mission to keep our customers safe throughout the year. We don’t just provide friendly customer service, but we pay great attention to detail to ensure that we don’t miss any mold or other safety hazards in your A/C unit. We go above and beyond because we know the dangers mold can have on your health.

Our HVAC company has been serving Grand Prairie, Texas and surrounding areas for over a decade. We can assess your HVAC unit, answer any questions you have and provide you with the best possible solution. It is important for you to feel comfortable, so contact us to schedule your next HVAC repair or installation.


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