Heater Season

Heater Season

Every month we come out with a new blog that goes on and on about having preventive maintenance on your HVAC system; whether it’s from making sure you call your trusted HVAC technician every other month, to tips and tricks that can extend your HVAC system. However, since it’s the beginning of the colder months of the years we figured we should write out a post that deals with your heater, since a lot of you will be lucky enough to be using it quite a lot these next two seasons, unless you love the cold (we’re not judging).

We rave about how important it is to have cool air in our house, especially in Texas, but your heater is just as important as your air conditioner. Your heater needs to go through proper heating maintenance and you should definitely be doing this as soon as you can, because like the Motto of House Stark (Game of Thrones), “Winter is coming”.

It’s Heater Season. Prepare for the colder months

Here are a few things you can do on your own to prepare for the colder months:

Replace those air filters.

Go ahead, get on your little latter, unhinge the air vent and take out that dusty and bacteria-infested air filter of yours. A clogged filter can restrict airflow and can most definitely stress out your HVAC system. It’s like having a bad sinus infection; you’re clogged and stuffy and you can’t even breathe right, so you get frustrated and anxiety starts to kick in because you’re sick. Just imagine how your HVAC feels when his (or hers) air filter is seriously clogged up.

Clean Up the Heater Area

Do your house a favor (and your wallet) and remove anything flammable from the area around your heater. It’s not a good idea to be placing flammable objects near something that literally exudes heat. It can be extremely devastating and catastrophic if you did because we’re sure you wouldn’t want your house blown up. Remove the tanks full of gasoline, the old bits of clothing saved newspapers, and spray cans, trust us…they have no purpose being around your heater.

Who You Gonna Call? Your HVAC Tech, Of Course.

Yup, that’s right…your heater needs a proper inspection. Before the cold snaps, call your trusted HVAC tech to come to your house and inspect that heater of yours. Heater Inspections are really important to have, and not that many people know how to do it, but Temp Pro Mechanical sure does. So if you need a proper inspection, don’t hesitate to call us. Have your heater checked before you start pulling out those blankets and jackets.

For more information please give us (Temp Pro Mechanical, Inc.) a call at (972) 504 – 2079 or follow us on our social media accounts for more tips.



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