Defeat the Heat: 7 Ways to Cool Down

Cool Down

Defeat the Heat: 7 Ways to Cool Down

We’re making it through the toughest time of the year; with heat indexes rising and the sun blazing hotter than ever before its extremely crucial for us to stay cool to survive. Right? Right. If you’re lucky, you have a fully functioning air conditioner that’s pumping air straight into your home, cooling you and your loved ones down and keeping that house of yours at the perfect temperature. However, some of our lovely residents may be out of air conditioning. So how do you beat the heat when you don’t have any air conditioning? Here are 7 easy ways to stay cool when you’re hot and you don’t have a/c or are waiting for an a/c repair.

The curtain call

It seems rather simple, right? Just close your curtains and blinds, y’all! Staring off your cooling period with something as simple as making it as dark as possible in your house. Not only is this blocking the light from coming in, but it’s also keeping the heat from finding its way into your home. Yes, blocking light from creeping its way into your home is the most effective way of reducing temperatures.

Close off those vents!

Whether your house is large or small we all have that one room we don’t use enough, whether it’s used for storage or maybe it’s just sitting vacant because you’ve yet to come up with a purpose for it. If you have a room you’re not using, simply shut off the vents and air conditioning ducts that cool the unused rooms. Not only will this allow more airflow to the rooms you use on a daily basis, but it’ll also save on the cost it takes to lower the temperature.


Have you ever wondered why your ceiling fan has the option of turning clockwise or counterclockwise? Well know that fans are used to cool us down, but when you turn your ceiling fan on to turn counterclockwise it actually helps to cool your room down.

Oh, those cotton sheets!

Sometimes we try to come up with all of these different ways to keep ourselves cool, but almost always forget about our body temperatures and how we can regulate them. One good way of keeping yourself cool is by switching your bed sheets with cotton sheets. Cotton is a wonderful material that does not trap or keep heat. So if you’re looking for that extra cooling factor, simply change your sheets. Trust us, your body will be thanking you.

The shade of it all.

Though, this actually takes a while, consider planting a shade tree for future summer months when the heat is unbearable. Planting a tree is the easiest (and most natural) way of staying cool. Remember to plant the trees as far away from the foundation of the house as possible. We don’t want any mishaps.

I’m such a fan!

This might be a little costly, especially if you’re factoring in your energy, but sometimes all you need a really good fan. Simply add a fan (the size is up to you) in the rooms you frequent most. And let yourself cool down.

Service YOU WILL BE COOL with

If the heat is too unbearable and you just can’t take it anymore, contact Temp Pro Mechanical for an air conditioner installation or repair. Temp Pro Mechanical is Texas and NATE Certified and Family Owned. You can trust us to get the job done just in time to keep you and your loved one cool.

For more information please give us (Temp Pro Mechanical, Inc.) a call at (972) 504 – 2079 or follow us on our social media accounts for more tips.




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