Dear Temp Pro Mechanical

I wanted to let your management know how satisfied I was with my experience with your service tech Daniel and TEMP PRO team overall. I had to replace my entire ac and heating system. I had several companies come out and Daniel was the only one that explained everything I needed to make my system work the most efficient for my house. He did not only explain it once but 3 times until I understood what he was telling me. I also had my old air duct replaced. I was informed the old duct was not put in properly that was why some rooms were cold while others were hotter.   I was told that my electric bill would be cut in half and it has been since the new system was installed. Now all of my rooms are all the same temperature.

I also wanted to thank every at Temp Pro for the excellent customer service which is hard to find these days. From when I first called to even months after when I was called to see how my system was working. I was treated as if I was there biggest and best customer. I have never been so satisfied with a purchase.

I will definitely recommend TEMP PRO Mechanical to all my family and friends.

Thank you again!


Richard S

Grand Prairie, Texas

Richard S- Client

I recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel from Temp Pro Mechanical regarding an AC issue on my home. I have a home warranty and have had some issues in the past with less experienced service providers that were dispatched to my home and it can be a very frustrating experience. The repair on my system was major and we had to wait for the warranty company to approve the repair and handle the shipment of the parts etc.

I work from home and my office is upstairs and it was very stuffy and hot… in addition to that I suffer from severe hay fever, so keeping the windows was really just adding to the discomfort. Daniel understood that and promised to handle the repair as fast as possible, he even offered to manage his work schedule for the week to help me, in the event the part would not arrive in time, Daniel stated he would work on Saturday to get my AC repaired. On the Friday of that week Daniel called me before lunch time and told me the part had arrived and him and one of his technicians were on the way to handle the repair.

I really appreciated Daniel handling the repair as a priority and also to adjust his schedule accordingly. My service experience with Daniel & TempPro has really been very pleasant. I appreciated the prompt service & punctuality as well. Thank you Daniel.

Carmen Duckworth- Client

Daniel was exceptional in every way.  He was thorough and extremely knowledgeable. This guy knows his stuff!  He saved us from a faulty A/C motor by replacing it and brought us cool air on a very hot day.  Temperature in the house was 89 when he arrived. 45 minutes later he had it all fixed and we enjoyed a cool, comfortable night. He is our go-too man for all future work on the A/C. I highly recommend his company.  Can’t say enough good things about this provider. Plus, he’s a really nice guy!


Frank Fardatta- Client

Temp Pro Mechanical, Inc.

We, at Temp Pro Mechanical, Inc understand the burdens that come with the ever changing Texas seasons—from sweltering summer months to chilly winter days. Our Temp Pro Mechanical, Inc Technicians promise to go the extra mile to make sure that you and yours are comfortable in your home or business.

We offer complete evaluations of our entire home and current AC equipment systems. By offering advice and explaining the different options, we’re here to help our customer make an informed decision. Our consultations include a complete breakdown of pricing and options to determine whether and AC repair, AC replacement or upgrade is right for you.

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